Okay, that's definitely a bit of a dramatic title, but I am definitely not happy with this turn of events. This actually happened two weeks ago, but I've been busy vacationing in LA (staying in a hotel, with a real room!) and haven't been posting.

Anyway, as you can see, someone has hit and damaged my front-left blinker, dislodging it from its socket and ruining a perfectly pleasant afternoon. They didn't leave a note, not that I should be expecting decency from a reckless stranger anyway. After a (very little) bit of sleuthing, I think I understand what happened though.

The Hunch

Looking at the damage, it's immediately clear that a taller, larger vehicle is the source of my woes. The scratches are higher up than a car or truck's front bumper would be. Additionally, the area I'm parked in is near where the corporate buses queue up before going about their routes. In all likelihood, a bus took the turn too tight, and the tail swung out into my poor house-truck. The driver may not have even noticed.

The Lesson

Like I've said before, I'm constantly learning new things and encountering situations that nothing in my past could have prepared me for. I can say with a fair bit of confidence that if I lived in an apartment, I'd be significantly less likely to experience someone busting their car through my wall like a Kool-Aid Man/Transformer-hybrid. But I live in a parking lot, and I guess car/house-accidents just come with the territory. The upshot is that since my house is mobile, I can move it to a spot out of the path of bus-destruction, which is exactly what I did. The damage isn't bad enough that I need to get it fixed immediately, and I'll try my hand at fixing it up before I bother a mechanic about it, especially since if the bodywork took them a few days, I'd have to relocate temporarily. Stay tuned for a future home improvement post.

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