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Don't worry, I'm not going to post about every single night I spend in the box truck, but this one was markedly different than the first, and deserves to be noted as such. When it was bed time last night, I wasn't feeling the same type of anxiousness that pervaded the previous night. I was much more relaxed and confident. I still did my best to be quiet, but I wasn't stopping every few seconds to make sure that nobody was watching. The overall experience was much more pleasant this time around, and I slept like a small child.


I don't know what made me so much more comfortable with the idea and the whole situation after only a single night, but I have a few theories about what is going on with me.

Acceptance of the Situation

Maybe I subconsciously realized that it's not the big of a deal, if I have to talk to security or a co-worker, it doesn't really affect anything about my situation. Absolute worst case scenario: I have to move the truck. That's really the worst thing that could feasibly happen, and that would be far from the worst thing that has ever happened in a human being's life. Realizing how large the world (or even just my workplace) is, and how nobody is particularly out to get me, was a big step in calming my nerves. Having the first night go so smoothly made it clear that this whole scheme is actually viable.


I've mentioned before how I already have accepted that I'm completely crazy, and that normal human beings don't do these types of things, but I can't help but wonder if some mental safeguard has actually snapped, and I'm actually losing my marbles, starting to become comfortable with the fringe lifestyle I'm in the process of adopting, like an even weirder form of Stockholm Syndrome. Maybe the first night was so traumatizing to me that I've now lost all mental faculties keeping me even remotely reasonable. Who knows?

Regardless of why I settled into the new routine so quickly, it shows me something that I think will be increasingly important for me, especially in my future travelling endeavors. It shows that I can adapt. Adapt to an unconventional situation and adapt to a new life. And like I mentioned in an earlier post, this experience and capability will be crucial as I travel around the world without much more than a backpack.

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