As you may or may not have noticed, I've been slowly rolling out new functionality to the site. What I've added so far:

Box Badges

Some posts have a little black box truck icon to the right of the title, which means that I was writing the post from inside the box. Since the blog is called "From Inside the Box", it'd be disingenuous of me not to say whether or not I was actually in there while I was writing. This post, for example, was not written from within the box, but rather a quaint little cafe in downtown Mountain View.


If you're looking for a particular post, there's now a search box below the "About" section. Type in your search term and hit "Enter", and I'll the site will do my its darnedest to find the posts that you're looking for.

From the Top

If you're just coming on board with all of this, and you're really into Shadenfreude, then clicking the "Beginning" button at the top will list the posts from earliest to latest, so you can read up on the hot mess that constituted my first week or two, and get caught up with how I got here.

Post List

Similar to search, if you want to see all of the posts in one place, there's an "Index" button at the top that has a chronological list of all the currently available posts.

I've been thinking about adding comments and a few other features, but if you have any requests in the meantime, feel free to let me know!

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