Unfortunately, I'm not talking about some more RV/Hippie Van/Truck neighbors.

No matter how well you plan out things, life always has a way of throwing little things at you to make sure you're still paying attention. For the past week, life has been throwing the sound of jackhammers in my direction. It makes perfect sense that construction crews would work at night, when normal human beings aren't at work and getting in their way, but I certainly was not expecting the parking lot I call home to be subjected to such perils. Like, they're actually tearing up 10' by 10' sections at a time, something to do with pipes or electricity or whatnot. I'm a computer systems engineer, not a mechanical engineer, I have no idea how any of this stuff works. It makes me think back to when I was considering getting soundproofing installed by that Happy Vans company in San Jose. It's still not really an issue, the truck actually does a surprisingly good job of blocking it out, and I haven't had any trouble falling asleep. Still, just goes to show you that there will always be something, whether it's crows, radioactive waste, or jackhammers.

In any case, I enjoy the variety and dynamic unpredictability of the whole situation.

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