One important part of this whole process is turning the back of a truck into a livable, comfortable space. I have a number of plans and ideas on how to do that, and I'm going to chronicle my attempts at turning them into realities in this "Home Improvement" series. This one is a super basic one, but hey, baby steps. If I plan on living in this thing, I'll need a place to sleep, naturally. So I wandered over to Craigslist, found the sketchiest new mattress and box spring set I could find, and placed an order. Notice the word "new", that's super important, because I'm not in the mood for a case of bed bugs or crabs or whatever else you can catch from a used mattress.

Anyway, all I actually did to make this a reality was the following:

  1. Pick up the bed.
  2. Remove the plastic from the bed.
  3. Find desired location for bed.
  4. Place bed in desired location.
  5. Make bed.
  6. Tie it down with the rope that I mentioned in a previous post.

Voila! I now have a bed.

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